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Beer Bread

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January 28, 2007 - 8:38pm -- Valerio

Here is my experiment of the day: Beer Bread.

I was preparing my mis-en-place to bake the no-kneading bread (at least my version of it, using slightly less water for a slightly firmer dough) and while measuring the water I thought of using half water and half beer, just to try it out. I am sure there are plenty of recipes for actual beer breads out there, but in this case I just wanted to try something new.

The look is not the best since I did not slash the bread before baking.

The result is not bad at all. I guess the dark crust color is due to the malt in beer. Taste-wise there is a difference from the traditional non-beer version, even though it is quite subtle. Then again I used a blond Amstel Light beer which does not have a strong flavor in the first place. If anything the freshness the day after seems improved over the traditional recipe. My wife actually likes this much better (probably due to the softer crust, she is not a fan of hard crusts).



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Submitted by dasein668 on

I think I've posted before that when I brew beer I like to reserve some of the wort (pre-fermented beer) and spent barley to use in making a bread. Leads to a very dark, somewhat sweet bread with a great texture from the malt. Yum!

If you have a local craft brewery in your area you could probably get a small measure of wort and barley from them.

There is also a really great beer-based quick-bread recipe in the Joy of Cooking that I've made before. Also quite tasty—especially toasted with butter.

Nathan Sanborn