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First bake in the Wood Fired Oven!

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Dancing Bear

First bake in the Wood Fired Oven!

First full fire and bake in the WFO (Forno Bravo Casa 2g 110)!

First, some "practice" crusts with just garlic oil, salt & pepper:

Garlic Crusts

Then a Margherita, with homemade Goat Mozzarella, home grown Cherokee Purple Tomato and Basil.  Did not survive long enough to be photographed.

Next, several pies with a drizzle of olive oil, lots of cinnamon & brown sugar, and homemade Goat Cottage Cheese.  Sugar carmelized beautifully, and cheese melted just enough:

Cinnamon Pie

And used the last of the dough up as a big "Naan":


Can't wait to do it again!  So tomorrow we're having my folks & nieces over for a pizza party!

Namaste, y'all -


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Nice photos of what sounds like some really good eats - I am sure you are enjoying the WFO and it is great to share this enthusiasm with us there on the forum and your relatives in person tomorrow.  Wish I could sample some of your pizza pies and naan. 

I am sure everyone would love to see the WFO too.

Happy baking,


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I grill in my fireplace all the time from vegetables, fruits, meats, especially venison and love the slightly smokey flavor. I wouldn't make pizza any other way. Glad you discovered it. I adore chèvre and wish I could sample some of your home made chèvre, maybe you can give directions on how to make it with some pictures.  Everything looks great.



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I'm glad to see you're having fun with your wfo.  And I love the naan - a favorite of mine.

Don't forget the possiblities for roasting meats and vegetables!  I just got back from a 2-day course on wfo's at King Arthur Flour taught by Dan Wing, and the one real eye-opener for me was that these ovens are not just for pizza!  We roasted chickens in cast iron frying pans that were to die for.

Please share more of your adventures with your wfo.