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Joe & Demegrad inspired more Pane Siciliano

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January 28, 2007 - 11:05am -- mountaindog

Joe got Demegrad inspired, and Demegrad inspired me to try it using a pate fermente made with starter rather than commercial yeast.


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Submitted by demegrad on

That pane siciliano bread is one of the best I've ever tasted.  How did the timing work out with the pate fermentee, I know everybody's starter is different.  Your loaves look amazing, you have an earth oven or something like that right, I wish I had a real hearth type oven for baking especially pizzas, maybe someday.  Anyway beautiful work and I hope they're as delicious as they look. 


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Submitted by mountaindog on

Hi demegrad - I describe the taste and you can see a pic of my oven setup here. I was amazed at how active the little bit of starter I used became when I mixed it into the pate fermente - I thought maybe the salt would inhibit it a little, but it didn't. The final dough doubled very quickly, and the loaves got huge oven spring. Thanks for the inspiration and info on your methods.