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Pan de Mie/Pullman whole wheat - disaster, any advice?

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Pan de Mie/Pullman whole wheat - disaster, any advice?

Hello all, it's my first post here.

I made a white pullman loaf several times with complete success. I prefer to bake whole wheat breads for my family and was so disappointed with my first whole wheat pullman loaf.  I used the King Arthur recipe with white whole wheat flour and followed it to the letter.  The first rise went great, the rise in the pan was a little slow but boy did it shrink in the oven!  Here is my pitiful picture, you can see that the bread didn't even almost fill the pan.  I would be pleased with any suggestions.  I do not have a lot of break making experience so I am not sure what may have gone wrong.



In better news, I made my first ever braid, filled with ham and cheese and it turned out lovely:

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I'm sure others on TFL with experience using Pullman pans will be chiming in soon.  In the meantime, you can get a jump on the inevitable requests for more information by supplying details like recipe, how you handled the dough, temperatures, baking conditions and so on.  If you have a photograph of the crumb, that might also help with the diagnosis.

I'd say you hit a home run with the braid!  That is absolutely lovely!  Have you tried the blueberry cream cheese braid posted on the front page of the site, right-hand column, second group down.  It's a great variation on the theme if you want to try sweet, instead of savory, fillings.  Other posters have contributed their suggestions for different fillings, too. 

For a person who says they don't have a lot of experience baking bread, you seem to be doing remarkably well.  Keep at it.  The more you practice, the better you get.  Even the duds are (usually) edible.


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while I am not experienced in using that pan,

from your description it sounds like it was overproofed.

I think I read somewhere that those pans use an odd amount of dough, and I bet('cause I'd almost certainly do the same at least once) you used too little dough, and let it overrise on the proof hoping to fill up the pan more. that'd explain having it shrink in the oven.

that braid looks awesome.
I've done that "style" of braid thing(I think) with pizza dough, putting pizza sauce, pepperonoi and mozzerela in it, and while (well, at least the second time... heh) it came out good, it was nowhere near as pretty as that.