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Loaf is too heavy & dense

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Loaf is too heavy & dense

Hi i have recently purchased a Sunbeam Bakehouse bread machine single loaf for only about $100,  I have since made about 4 loafs of bread all of which where a heavy, spongey texture.

2 of the loafs were purchased form the supermarket, the other mixes were prepared at home, both had a similar outcome. i have followed all instructions and measurements cleary, but nothing seems to be achieving what im looking for something light & soft. please let me know of any ideas you may think will help resolve the issue.


regards Kim.

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When you say two loaves were purchased, do you mean pre-risen, ready to bake dough?

And when you say 'the other mixes were prepared at home', do you mean a store-bought, packaged mixture containing all the flour, yeast etc., or did you follow recipes to mix them from scratch? If the latter, please post the detailed recipe here. Also if the latter, state whether you are pushing your measuring cup into the flour to fill it, or spooning or sifting into the cup then leveling with a knife, or are you weighing the ingredietns? Also, is there any variability in the controls of the bread mixer, or is it all one unchanging, automated cycle? If the latter, it might be useful to know how long it mixes, how long it allows for a first rise, how long the 2nd rise allows, and so on, so you may wish to run it and time it, writing down those times to report here.