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What did I do wrongly ?

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What did I do wrongly ?

Hi, Anyone...any ideas/suggestions for me


My husband bought this Bread Machine from NY, JR store: Cuisinart CBK 200


1. My first loaf (from the recipe provided) - Oatmeal Bread

Settings: white, loaf size: 3, medium crust color

Outcome: The texture is coarse and the crust is tough and not brown properly


2. My 2nd Recipe (from - Corn Bread

Settings: white, load size: 2, dark

Outcome: The texture is coarse and the crust is tough and dark... and the whole loaf sunk in the centre


What did I do wrong?

Is it the yeast? I put that in last..









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For the first loaf, it's possible your dough was too dry. For the second loaf, it may have been too wet, or too much yeast.


1. If possible, weigh your ingredients(if the recipe is listed with weights, or the weight per cup of flour has been established).

2. Use bread flour.

3. Watch the dough as it is kneading to ensure the ingredients are being evenly incorporated, and the dough is ultimately achieving the consistency described in the recipe. Add liquid/flour as necessary.

4. Try the bread machine recipes at . They are tried and true as long as you follow their very thorough instructions. Read the recipe's reviews and comments, and if there is an applicable blog(Baker's Banter), read that too.

You may come to find that no matter what, the machine will never bake the loaf the quite meets your expectations. As a last resort, try manually shaping, panning, and baking the loaf in your oven.

Good luck.

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Noted, I will do more homework. Thanks!