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Yeasted cake recipes or ideas?

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Brot Backer

Yeasted cake recipes or ideas?

I've always been a yeast man at heart. During baking school I despised cake making and always wished I could just proof the fussy french thing and be done with it. I have since begun to miss making real cakes but I still have the urge to make a yeasted cake. I've only found one recipe for any such thing online, if anyone can show me the way to recipes or has tips I would be sehr grateful! I may try to modify an english muffin recipe from alton brown but would prefer to start with a proper formula.


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Search TFL for recipes. There are also recipes in books by Maggie Glezer, Birnbaum and others.


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is Stollen - contains spice, fruit and marzipan. Traditionally for xmas, but I make it any time:

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You might also consider trying these two KAF's cakes:

I have had my eyes on these for some time now and am planning on trying them soon. According to the reviews they should be quite delicious.



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Brot Backer

Wow! Thanks for the responses! I think I may try one of these recipes on friday, if I do I'll be sure to post the results.

I also may bake a sourdough with 20-30% Masa flour, has anyone tried this?

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Brot Backer

Here is the cake. I only crumb-coated it with chantilly.

I didn't make masa bread this time but this apple-blackberry pie was so good!