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Starter smell very sweet, not sour at all

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Starter smell very sweet, not sour at all

Hi, new member here,

have been baking bread for over a year now, 

about two month ago started a new rye based starter, store it on a counter and feeding dialy.

One weird thing about this starter (compared to my previous attempts) is that it does not smell sour at all, in fact it has a very sweet smell, berry like.

Any ideas?


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Mini Oven

That can happen!  Enjoy it!  Does it taste sour?  If not,  it can be used to raise everything! 


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hi mini

do you mean that it can be used in any type of baked goods (bread, cookie, scone. etc)? if this is the case, would you please tell me if i can use it 1:1 or what are the proportions?

i have been trying to sweetened a portion of my sourdough starter.

thanks, claudia