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whole wheat pastry flour: yes or no in biscuits and scones

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whole wheat pastry flour: yes or no in biscuits and scones

i have seen formulas for both biscuits and scones that include an ap/ww blend of flours.  there has been a bag of ww pastry flour setting on my pantry shelf for months and i am wondering if this would be a beneficial or detrimental addition to my biscuit and scone flour mixes.  thanks for any thoughts or shared experiences you may have.

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If it's been siting on the pantry shelf for months, I'd dump it.  Otherwise, my favorite recipe for American biscuits is 90% WW pastry flour and 10% AP flour.


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From now on, remember to keep your whole grain flours in the freezer or fridge.

When I make scones and/or pastry, I add some ww pastry flour. Cinnamon rolls too. Don't make any of these too often though.

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I agree - the pastry flour is fine, but if it's old (it will smell rancid vs. fresh), it will give your bread a flavor that you probably don't want.

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This is from the late Gourmet magazine, very nice muffins and confuses my less baking inclined but health conscious friends