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Long time reader, finally decided to join up.  Been baking for sometime now, started by slinging dough as a pizza chef, eventually made my way to the CIA.  Worked around the east coast and opened a catering company.  Gave it all up for my first love, carpentry, but never gave up my passion for food, most of all bread.  The second I first stumbled upon this site I've always used it for inspiration, advice, and formulas.  Glad to be a part of it and looking forward to posting some of my creations!



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Hi, Justin.

Welcome to TFL!

So, what kind of breads are you baking these days?

Tell us more about your pizza career. There are lots of us trying to make that perfect pie.


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I'll do a blog on pizza this weekend if I can get around to it.  Otherwise next weekend.

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Hi Justin

Welcome to TFL


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LuLu B

you'll love tfl. i want to go to the cia. i have pizza ideas and would love to share them and hear yours too. 

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well, welcome to TFL! glad you found the site, it has a lot of useful information for us who really love baking breads and baking in general :)