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Dry crumb

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Dry crumb

I have recently tried my hand at a Pane a levain, using a 62% hydrated levain (from 100% sour starter)

The final dough hydration is 70%

Only 3% wholemeal & 3% rye flour in the total recipe

Balnce of flour 94% is organic white flour (strong)

Mix is very sticky out of mixer, after three folds (30, 60, 90) firms up, struggle to stretch the last fold properly (dough quite tight)

Total bulk prove 3 hours, second prove 3-4 hours

The loaf has a slighly open texture, good flavour, the crust is splitting slightly, but the crumb is too dry!!?




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try to add a very little amount of olive oil. 1 tsp for each cup flour. also notice that each type of flour have a different water absorbtion ability.