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Daily Polish Rye

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Daily Polish Rye

Polish bread is absolutely amazing!  Hundreds of ryes, rolls, street breads; the list is endless.  I will try to get some more pictures, but here's a start:

Link to some of my pictures of authentic Polish bread:



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Having a bakery so close that turns out such inviting breads would be wonderful.  Except that buying their breads would cut into my baking...  I'm so conflicted!


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The breads do look delicious, no doubt of it.  So where is this bakery?

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True, having such fresh bread available is bitter sweet, as I'm not baking as much.  But then again, going to the local bakery and having such good quality bread as the norm is wonderful.  I'm staying in Krakow, Poland for a bit...that's where these photos are from.  Thanks for checking them out!

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loaves are not all perfect and fabulously beautiful, like many of mine. this gives me hope as I feel I am not getting the perfection so many of the bakers here do.


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We had 2 Polish bakeries here and all closed now. The supermarkets put the bakeries out. They had the best whole rye bread ever. Crackled shiny crust and not real dense with caraway seeds...Yum, I can taste it now but cannot equal it in my baking. If you ever create any of these, please SEND ME THE RECIPE!

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Good point EvaB, the bread is rustic and traditional!  The nice thing here is that a fresh loaf of bread is a necessity, not just a luxury.  The loaves are not "perfectly" shaped but are of good quality and made using traditional techniques. It's just a normal part of life .  Kutzeh, I will defintely post any recipes or other info that I come across.