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WILD CULTURE: Mexican Sourdough Chocolate Cherry Donuts & "Love Loaves"

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WILD CULTURE: Mexican Sourdough Chocolate Cherry Donuts & "Love Loaves"

Sourdough chocolate cherry Love Loaves

I baked some sourdough chocolate donuts and heart shaped muffins this weekend.  At last the fresh cherries are flowing so I chopped up a pound of fresh Bing Cherries to fold into the batter (and some chocolate chips too).  

Sourdough Chocolate Cherry Donuts

The wild culture (sourdough starter) that I used in these donuts and "love loaves" was captured in Mexico City last year and is one of my favorite cultures for baking (especially for pairing with chocolate).  The sourdough keeps them moist and tender.  They are disappearing fast!


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Those look good. Do you have a crumb shot? Where did the muffin recipe come from?

Your description sounds like maybe there is some hot component to the chocolate.


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You had me at Chocolate Cherry... mine are still ripening, pray tell, how do you make these?

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I'm with the others, could you share the recipe?


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they wouldn't last long around here...what a great combo!