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Getting silly with the bread machine

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Getting silly with the bread machine

Ever since ordering a copy of "Rustic European Breads for your Bread Machine" I've been having a ball trying out a new recipe every few weeks. Last weekend I got a bit silly - this is pan de soliel, 'sun bread', made with parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes and pepper.  It's missing two rays that got eaten before I could take a photo!



Not as tasty as a focaccia, but much more fun to eat.

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Mini Oven

Not only does it look like fun but it must have a sunny colored crumb as well!   I can see this at my next picnic! 


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Yes, perfect for a picnic or a party :)

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Looks like a distant relative of fougasse - another fun bread just for snacking.


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Yes it's a similar composition to fougasse, but the crumb is drier and almost "crisp."  It definitely needs a dip or something moist to eat it with, but has a good peppery kick to it.  Doesn't keep well, it was pretty stale the next day but was OK dipped in a rich tomato sauce.

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That's definitely a party bread! Parm, sun dried tomatos and pepper dipped in sauce, YUM!