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Hello from Florida

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Hello from Florida

My name is David and I live in Clearwater, FL, with my lovely wife and sons.


I've been baking for quite a few years, mostly breads, but got away from it about 4 or 5 years ago. I got intrigued with sourdough a couple of weeks ago and started "re-entering" the bakering world.

I got a whole wheat starter going and will be trying it out over Superbowl weekend.

After lurking here for a while I am appreciative of the attitude and helpful nature of the postings I've seen.

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Glad to have you here. 


What kind of bread are you making for the Super Bowl?

sewwhatsports's picture

I have not decided what type of bread I am going to make, just know it has to have a '(Colt's) kick'  in it..  Can you tell who I am rooting for....<g>

Rena in Delaware

FloridaChad's picture

I have no idea what I'm going to make -- probably a couple of "white" loaves for the family and a trial run with the sourdough! I was diagnosed diabetic a couple of years ago and so have to watch my carbs -- once I get rid of another 10 pounds and my blood work stabilizes I'll be able to enjoy breads again!!

Like the other "new guy" from yesterday, Curt/cmcadams, I bbq a lot and will probably have a call for some meat, too. Curt and I got a nice "bread" thread going on the bbq forum and migrated over here about the same time!!

I'm not partial to either team in the game - but I really respect Coach Dungie - he's really missed here in the Tampa Bay area.  

David Little, Clearwater, FL

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Dave, I expect to see some pics of the results of this weekend!

Curt McAdams

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I'll probably be baking tomorrow if I don't go over to the KCBS BBQ competition at Lakeland...I'm not judging or cooking, but "everyone" will be there...I'm just not sure I can go and just hang out!!


I am looking forward to baking...I used to do all the dough work by hand, but I've got a nice 5 qt. KitchenAid that's whispering "use me"! 


David Little, Clearwater, FL