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why my dark rye bread always crack in the bottom?

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why my dark rye bread always crack in the bottom?

There is one problem keep bugging me: why my bread made by rye flour always crack in the bottom?

I am always tempted by those photoes of bread with beatiful openning crack where they are scored .

I do see my baguette (white flour)  get nice oven spring and grow out beautiful ears, however, many times I tried with dark rye flour without success.

This is the recipe link I followed

as you may notice, the recipe does not call for pure rye flour, but more white flour, which is why I choose it because I have more confidence that the result will be more possible to have a beutiful crack, 

However, my dough still did not crack at the cutted place, but well cracked in the bottom!

pic1: this is the front, you will see 2 cuts, they are supposed to bloom.

pic2: this is the bottom, strangly cracked, why they don't crack where I cut?

pic3: the slices of bread, It seems well fermented although there is one too much huge hole.


I want to ask this bread: why you don't crack from the place I cut?

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Mini Oven

it appears the top is browner than the bottom.  That is a good sized tunnel in the loaf otherwise the crumb looks fantastic.  The scoring cuts could be more lengthwise and closer together for maximum widening.

Shape tighter and try getting a little rougher in the handling of the dough.  That should pop any big bothersome bubbles.  Score more like the recipe picture.  Did you use lots of steam?

Actually you could flip it upside-down to serve.  Nice crust color.  Once cut and into the bread basket, it's not such a big deal.  I wonder if some of the flour prevented the seam from sealing, an easy fix.


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Thank you for your comment!

I will try agin the same recipe,with more care about shaping and scoring.

I guess the steam is always  a weak point of my baking: I normally preheat the oven with a pie pan inside, the water in the pie pan provide some steam, and after putting the dough in the oven I will spray several times. I guess I should find some pebbles to line in the pan to increase the steam.

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As Mini said, your bread has many good qualities. I understand your desire to control the shape however. The reason the bottom is cracking open is because when you are shaping the dough, there is to much counter flour being used. The dough isn't sealing together when you make that last fold in shaping the baguette before rolling. You could try using less or no flour when shaping and dust with flour after proofing if you like that look. Slash just before baking with nice deep cuts.