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Fredk t Vine

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jlm and jp

Fredk t Vine

My Grandfather was a baker and confectioner.He learn`t his trade in the early part of the 20th century.I have a book of his called Practical Pastry a second edition published in1898 its written by Fredk T Vine I`d like to find out more about him any ideas anyone?



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I Googled Frederick T. Vine and came up with over 160,000 hits.

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was a culinary celebrity. I just wrote a blog about antique cooking and baking books. Your Grandfather wrote, at least, five such books.

Here's the link to my blog entry.

Thank you, very much, for your posting. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a biography for him, but he must have been a household name in the Victorian and Edwardian kitchens.

David G

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jlm and jp

thanks for your comments...I haven`t been able to find any boigraphy of Fredk T Vine lots of his books available though