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What is going on with TFL?

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What is going on with TFL?

All of a sudden I am getting multiple TFL emailings.  It started when there were 21 topics.  I got that, then got it again.  Next time there were 24 topics, the 21 i got earlier plus 3 new ones.   Got that one 3 times and then 27topics, the 24 earlier plus 3 new ones.  Next email was 30 tiopics, the 27 earlier plus 3 new ones.  I have gotten that 2 times now followed by a 31 topic and a 32 topic.  Still contains all the earlier ones plus a new one.   I am getting these about once every other hour now.   Very strange.   Never happened before yesterday late afternoon (I live in NYC).

Very disturbing.  Does TFL have a virus or is someone phishing the website?  I surely hope not because this is one of my definite go-to sites.


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The problem is being worked on:

Sometimes it pays to scan the entire home page.

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One email a day is all folks should receive under normal conditions.  Unfortunately there has been a bug preventing the mailing from completing so it keeps starting over from the same place. My apologies. 

I thought I had it fixed last night before I went to bed but I'm waking up to see I did not.  I just tried something else that I think has stopped them.  Again, my sincere apologies.

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No big deal Floyd.  The site is so good and reliable, what's a bug or two ?  We're sure it will be fixed soon.  Thanks for all the hard work !!!

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Floyd, these things happen so no apologies needed.  We know how hard you and Mrs. Floyd work to maintain the site and to keep things clean.  When I recieved multiple emails I just deleted the extras, not a big deal.  I rather getting multiple than no mails at all.  Keep up the good work.  We all appreciate what you do for us. 


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for working on the bug, but today I don't have a single email from the site, and since I have had at least one or two per day dealing with threads etc, and the fresh content email its rather odd.

Hope it hasn't stopped the emails period!