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Many Hellos

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Many Hellos

I love to hear from Floyd but you are popping in every little while to say hello! 12 times in 24 hours. I feel pretty special with all the attention but - could we turn it down abit? Maybe a glitch in the system?

Thought I'd let you know...


EDIT!  Read further and no longer feel special. Please don't change my account as I like receiving trhe updates.

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Whew..I thought it was just me...the emails just keep coming. Hopefully will be fixed today as I do like the feature..just not this much :)

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Yeah, he was dissapointed his fix last night didn't clear it. Apparently our server is experiencing something of a "groundhog day" and is stuck in a loop sending those updates.

Floyd is aware of the problem and is working on it - apologies to all for the inconvenience...

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I figured it was some sort of computer glitch. But I say there is never too much bread in my life! :D 

The many emails got me to check my very first sourdough starter (many thanks to this fantastic forum) and - gulp - I have my first sourdough bread, hopefully rising, on my countertop now.

Will post more under a separate topic when I have time...

Good luck in your efforts to banish the ethernet gremlins, Floyd.