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Austrian Semmel not working :(

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Austrian Semmel not working :(

Hi everyone - I am new to the site and somewhat new to bread baking, although I have had some success with using a biga (which I guess gave me the temerity to try some of the recipes here!)  My parents who grew up in Austria have moved in with me so I decided to try the Austrian Semmel (roll) recipe I found on this site.  The rolls have not risen and do not get crusty.   I used cake flour for the Type 480 and 3.5 tsp active dry yeast (not instant -not sure what the difference is.)  Those of you who have made these rolls, any ideas?  I am dying to surprise "Oma" and "Opa"!

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I bake Thueringer style with just water, flour, yeast and salt. Not sure which recipe you are attempting. Mine turn out very nicely, somewhere on here I posted the video which shows how to roll the Broetchen so their skin is taught and they explode in the oven. 

Found it:,0/Chefkoch/Video-Brot-und-Broetchen-schleifen.html


good luck :)

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with a little bread flour mixed in.

Type Kaiser roll into the search box.  or Hamelman Baguette  for a recipe.  Anything with a poolish/preferment will give you more flavor.

The difference in Yeast is that Active Dry sometimes needs to be mixed into warm water to activate.  Read above under FAQs  There you will find info about flour and yeast.

Mini  :)

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I experimented a lot with different American flours to figure out why my German rolls didn't turn out quite right. Rolls done with bread flour and even with all-purpose flour have more of a French bread crumb.

Semmel (Austrian, Bavarian), Schrippe (Berlin), Rundstueck (Hamburg, North Germany) etc. all mean the same type of roll, with regional variations of shape and scoring.The crust should be crisp, and the crumb soft, loose, "fluffy", and can be easily pulled out.

American Kaiser Rolls are only Kaisersemmel look-alikes, their crust is semi-soft, and the crumb not loose and "fluffy".

Austrian Type W 480 flour resembles white pastry flour in protein content and properties. (Cake flour has too little protein/gluten and is not the right flour for Semmeln, it's also, unfortunately, usually bleached).