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Organic Yeast

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Organic Yeast

I'm new to baking bread and eveything I have made has turned out spectacular so far. However, I have one problem. While the taste is amazine, as is the smell, when I try making things like Italian bread that is nice fluffy on the inside and crusty golden crust, I end up with soft pretzel texture--extremely tender and delicious, but not what im looking for.

I use all organic ingredients and that includes yeast. When I was in paris I was told by a Parisian baker that organic yeast doesnt work as well as non-organic yeast. I believe he said something about it not rising as well. Is this true?

and if not, What can I do to get that nice fluffy on the inside and cursty on the outside loaf i've been craving.

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Well, one way to answer your questions about the yeast is to try a loaf or three with the "non-organic" type, to see if that gives you what you are looking for. Although understand, your ideals are those of many, and mostly unrealized, regardless of yeast type.

Curious here about this "organic" yeast. Brand, package picture, etc? Fresh cake type, dry, etc?


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I'll try that and if it works i'll make the switch. I really am not a fan of pretzel like textures with non crusty crust.

The yeast is bakers yeast, which from my research is the same as active dry yeast. I know I use it the same way. I can't remember the name of the brand, I'll have to look it up when I go to the co-op I buy all my flour, yeast, rice, grains, etc. at. You have to bring your own containers for the produce, so I doubt the brand is the same as the jam jar it is currently stored in.

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I've never heard of 'organic' yeast, unless you're referring to 'wild' yeasts, and that would not be dry but in a starter.  It's late, and hot here, and I'm just a tad confused.

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I do not what mark you use, but here in Europe "organic" yeast is only delivered by Rapunzel. It can be instant or fresh and it is "organic" because  it is cultivated on organic cereals.

German web:

Fabrication details: here AND here in pdf


French web:


That said, I admit that so far it has been the only yeast I have had problems with. Once it was completely inactive before the expiration date. So I switched to ordinary fresh yeast and / or my starter.