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Here are some of my school projects ...

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Here are some of my school projects ...

French Bread and White Milk Bread 

Chocolate Cream Pie and Peach Cream Pie

Buttermilk Biscuits

Doughnuts and Apple Fritters

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ok now I am really hungry



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Do you need some help eating all of that? It all looks fantastic! Your biscuits look really flakey, too.

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There must be plenty of people hanging out, in front of the lab, at school.

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Mmmm, tasty treats!!

What topping did you use for the chocolate cream pie? Is that mascarpone or something lighter?

If you get the chance try making a nice delicate pear pie, not the typical spiced pear pie but something light. A nice white winter pie :)

What are your upcoming projects? 

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Thank you all for your kind comments!!

Most of what we make I take home or to my office.  Yes, my co-workers adore me the day after class!  :)  What we don't buy in class we sell in a bake sale and all the money we earn goes into buying supplies for class.  The more we earn the better ingredients we can get!

The Chocolate Cream Pie was topped with lightly sweet whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings.  *yummm*

This semester I am in Breads & Rolls.  This week we went back over the basic steps of bread production and produced some basic breads.  Next week we are doing ciabatta, sour baguettes, rustic bread, and some quick breads that our teacher will give us the recipe for when class starts.  I will be keeping a log of my classes on my blog, and it is linked in my profile if you care to read it.  There are also more pictures of food I have made in the gallery, and I will be adding more pics today or tomorrow.