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Hello from South Florida

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Hello from South Florida

Hello hello everyone. My name is Mike Rocha and I live in sunny South Florida. I don't know how to bake at all. But, I do know that I love to eat fresh, warm bread. It's the best. So, I joined this forum in the hope of learning the in's and out's of fine baking. I look forward to learning from all of you. I promise to contribute whatever I can to make this the best forum around.

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You've come to the best place to learn about artisan baking .  Check out the TFL Handbook, lessons, and videos for a start, or even pick up one (or more) of the books recommended, after you've read the reviews.

One hint for a start - but you might not like it:  Only bad bread should be eaten warm (excluding bagels and baguettes).  It's really best to allow good bread to cool so that it can stabilize and develop its fullest flavor and aroma.

Looking forward to reading about your baking experiences.

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Welcome Mike.  FYI - everyone can bake.  Lots of references here and lots of teachers that you can learn from....start with the simple ones....and you'll never turn back..

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Yes, you CAN bake.  This is a wonderfully informative site.  The "Lessons" tab is the perfect place to start.  Have fun!!

~~Michelle in Nashville