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airy top

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airy top



I've been baking whole breads for a long time now, lately trying Peter Reinhart's book on whole breads, which I find great.

However, i have a recurrent problem.

When I'm baking pan loaves, many times I find that there is a "bubble" under the top, so when I cut the brad, the upper crust gets separated from the rest of the body of the bread.

I have tried more heat, less heat, more time, less time, handling the dough more, etc.

Anybody might have a hint about why?

It doesn't happen with freestanding loaves.

Thank you!


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Hi there,

Sounds like overproofing to me. The dough has expanded to the point where the gluten is too weak to support the loaf and is collapsing in on itself while baking. Are you scoring the loaf? it helps prevent the gap, as does, naturally, a shorter final proof.

There's a recent post on the very same topic.


- Caltrain

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Thank you so much for your answer.

I'll try giving it less time and if it happens again I will for sure post a picture of the kind of bubble to see if that could give you more information.