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Arby's Market fresh bread

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Arby's Market fresh bread

I would really love to have the recipe for the Arby's Market fresh bread.  This is the best bread I've ever had.  HELP PLEASE!!!!

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someone posted asking this here last August. That thread and related info (with a modified-for-home recipe) can be found at the link >>here<<.

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I haven't tried this recipe, but here is a link for Arby's Market fresh bread:


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slcox65 for the post and dstry/vdarmon for the links. I've been back to lurking lately. Home repairs and remodeling for the last couple of months have kept me from baking very much, and what I have made tends to kitchen flops. Rusty and distracted I guess. I saw this link last Friday, took home a printout and sure enough I captured some time Sun. evening, took a while to locate and dig out my trusty bread machine, and I can't tell you how pleased I am. This is a really great sandwich bread, and I had a slice in the morning for need for butter jam or anything...quite tasty. Very good foor me to get out the machine again. My brain seems to be mush lately and this fit the bill. Whole wheat cycle, remove before the bake begins, pan it, bake an hour later. I managed to get through that, LOL!

Oh... next time I'm gonna add a bit of wheat germ for a little crunch.

sicox65...have you made this yet?

Thanks for the good bread and boost to lagging baking confidence.

Bake on!....


p.s. I gotta post a thanks on the link in case they are still in touch.