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Instant Coffee

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Instant Coffee

Perhaps this is not the right place to ask the question but when I Google my question I get no answers. So here it is:

Is there a difference, health wise, between brew coffee and instant coffee? I mean is one better / worst than the other?


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In my banking career I have financed a major national brand coffee company as well as several national fast food chains and a donut chain.  Consensus is: instant is the dredges compared to fresh brewed using the beans that would not past muster when brewed.  Broken beans, etc.   Starbucks is trying to change that coming up with their new brand and it likely will be better than those in the past - but cannot be as good as brewed, period.  

There is more processing involved so hard to say if healthwise it is better or worse.  Surely something that taste better has to be better for your body.  You can google coffee grinders and buy coffee beans and you will see several well known companies that have boards relating to coffee.  Many sell green coffee beans for home roasting and they are pretty passionate about coffee.  All have user boards and blogs So those avenues may be useful in your quest...