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Feeling like a tart today!

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Feeling like a tart today!

Fresh rustic Apricot tart.  I love making fast fresh and easy.  Just have your pastry ready, roll it out, fill with fresh sweet fruit (sliced apricots and a few raspberries for color in this one) one little squeeze of lemon, sprinkled with very little sugar just before going onto the pastry.  Sprinkle with decorator crystal sugar, bake 425F convection on parchment lined pan for about 25 min. or until fruit has nicely browned tipps and the crust is lightly tanned.  No glaze required for this one.





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I love fruit tarts, and it is the season! Yours looks delicious.

I've been thinking about making a fruit tart for the past few weeks, since the strawberries appeared. Seeing yours is the extra push I needed!



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This one was put together rather quickly but after the trip to the FM..I just had to have a fruit tart.  They will be nice for MDay weekend.


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That's one mouth watering tart you've got there.  Did you make your own pastry?  Little man won't eat apricot (fresh or dried) but I have some canned peaches at home.  Maybe I can make a peach tart for him as a treat.  Thanks for the idea!


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Spring is finally here :)

Splendid dessert!

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a truly fantastic cake.

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Aussie Pete

Hi Sylvia,

Mouth watering. Something I haven't made. Any chance of sharing your recipe for the tart shell please?


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I take it that's puff pastry? I've never made a Tart and thankfully I've never felt like one either:>)


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 I love tarts too Sylvia. The strawberries are in season here. I did these last weekend. We got about a few more weeks on plum and apricots. I can't wait to try your!! I love a good rustic tart. We did one like yours last summer with blackberries. It was yummy! Thanks for sharing!

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I will wait just a little longer until the strawberries have peaked in their sweetness here and then I want to make some of Mike's favorite strawberry jam.  I love this time of year!


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'Tis the season for fresh fruit tarts! Mmmmmmmmmm.


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I used a 'pate sucree' or all butter based dough.  The recipe works well with firm fresh sweet fruits.  You can use and I do whatever dough you have handy.  Regular pie crust dough with butter and crisco, puff pastry works too..not to worry it's just a tart, galettes are fun small little tarts to make a sheet pan full of with your assorment of fruits.  One of my favorite combinations is blueberry, raspberries and peaches but I usually save it for pies.

The dough I used in this was mixed in my food processor...not my favorite way but can be done nicely.  I prefer by hand and for me I get a nicer flakier crust and can manage the size of the butter better in the flour if blended by hand.


2 sticks of very cold Unsalted Butter - chopped into about 1/2 inch pieces

1/3 cup of ice water

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 1/2 cups All Purpose flour

Dissolve your salt in the ice water, add flour to processor, top with cubed butter.  Pulse just until you have pea sized bits of butter.  Drizzle in ice water w/salt while pulsing just until dough starts to come together you may need a little more or usually for me less water.  On a lightly floured surface form dough into two disks and place in refrigerator for at least one hour or use the next day.  Roll out dough from center on lightly floured surface into a circle, add lightly sweetned fruit to center leaving about a 2 inch edge to fold over the fruit. 

Dough recipes all have simple ingredients.  How it turns out is all in the handling.  Work quickly, keep everything very cold and don't over handle.




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Hi slyvia!!

My dough was buttery and was breaking, almost melting didnot stay together in the mini tart shell that i tried to make ..what went wrong? :(





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Making a good pie pastry takes practice, so don't get discouraged.  Mixing in a processor is not my favorite way.  I prefer and have best results mixing by hand.  Everything needs to be kept very cold, handle gently and fast.  Cut your chilled cubed butter into pea size pieces blending with the flour mixture.  Add the very cold ice water last, drizzling in while blending enough to hold the dough together when gently squeezed.  Press into disks and chill for an hour.  Chill the shaped pastrie shells again until ready to fill.   Don't let the butter melt into the flour when mixing your dough.  You want small pea size pieces and the dough holding together with enough water added when gently squeezed.  If you add to much water or sugar to your dough it can also toughen the dough.  It sounds like your butter melted to much while mixing your dough.


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Aussie Pete

Hi again........thanks for the recipe.....................Pete