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the monster

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the monster

Hey, hey.  So, it's midnight great time to fire up the mixer right?  Trying this Scottish sponge bread from Laurel's Bread Book.  Have made it a bunch in the KA. So will try it in the big mixer. Capacity prob. The 15 cups of flour total will hardly make the mixer work. Oh well, gotta start somewhere. I like to learn the hard way.  Well, may not like to learn that way so much as it sticks with me.

I've been reading Reinharts "whole grain breads".  I'm eager to see how it goes. Need to get a scale to move over from volume to weight.  General questions that I have not come across the answers yet; water volume seems much less when using whole wheat. why?  with whole wheat, i get good rise but not at proofing- yeast, temp? all the above?  

Got some wheat in today and rye. I really want some homemade rye!  Lastly, this pinot, Bouchaine, from Costco is not bad.  Will let you know how it goes when the sun is up.   Thanks for your comments/support on the last post.