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impasti mixer quality information. . .

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impasti mixer quality information. . .

Can anyone tell me if a company called Impasti makes a quality spiral mixer?  I am considering buying a used, single speed, impasti dough master for a small bread baking operation.  It can hold up to 65lbs of dough, but I have no idea if it is of good quality or not.  Thanks so much for your time and informaiton.  Braden

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Mike Avery

When we started a bakery, I got a heck of a good deal on an Impasti mixer.

Before buying, I asked around and the one person I found who had one liked it.

We weren't so lucky.  It would break every few weeks of use.  The importer didn't answer their phone or return phone calls.  They also ignored emails.  It took weeks to months to get parts while it was under warranty.

The first time it died, I made a few panciked phone calls and after a day in the bakery made a 200 mile trip to pick up an ancient 30 quart Hobart.  The Hobart worked flawlessly.  Still, our Impasti was a 50qt model, and it was gentler on the dough, so we kept fixing it.

The motor died repeatedly.  The dough hook broke.  The logic board fried.  Safety interlocks failed.  I was on a first name basis with our local commercial appliance repairman and his number on speed dial.

In the end, they admitted the motor they were using couldn't standup to being exposed to flour.  <Many expletives deleted.>

As we were shutting down the bakery, they sent is a new motor that was supposed to resolve those issues.  The repairman installed it, we hooked it to power to make sure it worked and sold it on eBay as quickly as possible, with a prayer that it would be better for the next person than it had been for us.  I'd have preferred to fill it with explosives and throw the detonator switch, laughing maniaclly as it blew up.

I'll quietly hope you didn;t buy it, and if you did that your luck was better than ours.