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Hi everybody

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Hi everybody

Hi all, my name's Tim and I'm from SW Michigan. I know NOTHING about making bread from scratch, but want to learn. I'm particularly interested in baking in brick/clay/stone ovens and educating myself about breadmaking ingredients, particularly the non-fussed-with (bleached or otherwise) kind. I'm just gonna start by doing as much reading and searching as I can. Thanks!

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Welcome to the site Tim. I suggest you start at the lessons here and try to stick with the same recipe until you get the feel for how it should feel. Ask questions if needed and post pictures. There is a handbook link at the top of the page and a tutorial for how how to post images. I look forward to seeing your work.


(former GR resident)

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Welcome to TFL from another Michiganian (about 50 miles from Big Mac).

Good choice to ditch the bleached and bromated flours; organic and KAF flours are readily available downstate.

Enjoy the site; there's lots to read and learn here - and follow Eric's advice by working with one formula until you get it perfect.

If you're into morels, today's rain and the upcoming warm temps should make for good hunting and good eating at National Morel Festival in Boyne City this weekend,

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Thanks! Good plan Eric, that's gonna be my approach. And Lindy, I scored a couple big morels right in my own woods a couple weeks ago and we ate our second helping (found roadside) just last night!

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Welcome Timmy from North Carolina,

I am fairly new to TFL also - what I have found so far is a lot of archived knowledge and extremely nice and knowledgable folks ready to help.  I am sure you will find the same thing.  The advice given is good - the thing I believe in is doing and doing and doing ... I believe more literate people may call that "practice".  Seriously, it is good to read but unless you practice what you are reading you will never really get it. 

Oh, my connection to Mich. is a brother who lives in Ann Arbor - used to live in GR.  Ann Arbor has Zingerman's BakeHouse - really fantastic artisan bread and pastries - and there is also a training facility.  The Zingerman folk speak of taking a "bake-cation".  So if you get to Ann Arbor I would highly recommend stopping by and seeing their facility - I love it.

Again, welcome ...