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I've baked bread in bread pans for about 35 years, but really miss the lovely breads I've eaten in Europe over the years (I was an exchange student and have kept in touch with my family there)

However, I make only whole wheat bread.  Could someone recommend a recipe for bread made with a starter that is mostly whole wheat?  I've got a starter going, and it should be ready in a day or two.  

Also, an artisan bakery(with fabulous breads)  about 3-4 hours from here uses a starter that they started "in a 5 lb container of red winter wheat flour".  So do you think this was a dough starter that they kept in the flour instead of in a jar?  The article certainly seems to indicate this.  Has anyone any experience with this?

Have spent the entire morning devouring ideas on this site - what a great place!

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Desem bread is the name for that method. There's been some discussion here, so try a search.

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Hi, CandiceMarie.

Welcome to TFL!

If you search this site for "whole wheat sourdough bread," you should find quite a bit. You may also be interested in checking Peter Reinhart's book on whole grain baking. Jeffrey Hamelman's "Bread" also has a number of sourdough whole grain bread formulas.