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Need Help with flour types in Austria

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Need Help with flour types in Austria

In about a month I will be cooking for a group of single missionaries on a retreat in Austria at a guest house outside of Salzburg.  Last year was my first time to participate in the retreat.  I have been lurking about the website for the last year trying some of the recipes.  While in Austria I would like to make fresh bread for the group and remembered the trouble I had last year trying to figure out what type of flour to use.  I was successful making some ciabatta loafs using a recipe form TFL and pizza from P Rhinehart last year but would like to expand my offerings to the goups.  So the question is what flour do I use/look for.  Thanks in advance.  Mark

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According to my notes from the SFBI German Bread class (taught by a baker from Germany) Type 1050 wheat flour is about the same as American bread flour so I think this would be the type to use for ciabatta.  Do you have the same flour types in Austria as they have in Germany?


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During my last visit in Germany my friend asked to bake some bread. The only recipe I know by heart (besides whole wheat pita) was Pain a l'Ancienne. In the supermarket I was looking for bread flour, but didn't know what to take. In the end I bought type 1050. The bread rose less and was darker - it tasted good, but was obviously a transitional whole wheat.

Since the flour package didn't give much information I went online and found out that the higher the type number of German or Austrian flours the more it goes towards whole grain flour.

German type 405 = Austrian W480 = Italian 00  equals approximately American pastry flour.

German type 550 = Austrian W700 = Italian 0   has the highest gluten content, therefore is best for breads.

Type 1050 (equals approximately half white flour/half whole wheat) is used for hearty rye/wheat breads, and type 1700 is 100% whole wheat flour.

Why didn't I know this before? While I was living in Germany I baked only cakes with so many good bakeries around...


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Mini Oven

Try type 700.  Or better yet use the local bakeries!  Austria has fantasic bread!  Find out the bakeries near you (on the net) and order before you get there so the rolls are fresh in the morning!  It would be a shame to come all this way not to enjoy the wonderful breads Austria has to offer.


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Thanks Greg and Mini,  I will definetly look for these flours an will try to find a nearby bakery.  Thanks for the help.