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Question for bakers in Italy

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Question for bakers in Italy

I know there are some members who live in Italy, so this question is addressed to you. I'll be leaving next week for a month in Italy, and I now always bake bread while I am there, but I also make my own granola, as I do at home. One integral part of my normal granola is wheat germ. Past attempts to find wheat germ in Italy were unsuccessful. Even the health food stores didn't know what I was talking about. If I have room I'll bring some along, but I'm also bringing along  a substantial amount of ground flaxseed. Does anyone know if there is wheat germ in Italy, and, if so, what it is called there?


Thanks, Beth


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is the place to go. Maybe some Coop sells it, but the former sells it for sure (i always buy ot there).

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Nico, In Venice we don't have esselunga. Actually, I have not looked in the coop. There are two health food stores, and a few other kind of supermarkets Is it called germe di grano? It's good to know that it does exist, at least somewhere.

I had stopped looking for flaxseed, at least a few years ago I was told you could not find it in Venice.

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I am new to bread baking so I am still looking for many ingredients here in Italy... I cannot find wheat germ at the Esselunga by me (Lucca), but I did finally find flaxseed... it was in the small section of powerbars and diet supplements.. I was looking in the wrong area all this time..

Most likely you will have to go to an herbalist/natural goods store and they are expensive here.. I'd say bring what you can from home :)

Have fun in Italy

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wheat germ and various brans are not in the same repart as flours, but near rice.

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we're trying to get some stampi-pane - see the thread:

anyone in the
Cardano al Campo

area care to help making contact with these companies?

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I second Dilbert's request.  We found some web sites, but they won't respond to us.