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Question about Hamelman's Mixed Flour Miche.......

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Question about Hamelman's Mixed Flour Miche.......

So, as some of you may note this is not a time sensitive cry for least on that front I am imrpoving. There is actually forethought involved....heheheeeee.

Anyways, can anybody tell me why it says in this Mixed flour miche recipe(page 166 in "Bread") that it does not favor overnight fermentation?

Will the dough integrity be compromised? Is it just going to turn very sour? Or has anybody retarded this bread overnight and can you share your exprience?

Am gearing up for baking it and am not planning on retarding it, but I never really planned on retarding any of the other breads I have baked and sometimes life (and lack of planning) happens.



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Hi Christina,

I think it will be due to the high ash content in the leaven.   Note also Jeffrey Hamelman's comment in 1. Stiff textured leaven regarding ripening and time.

A high extraction flour, as the author says is about 92% of the whole grain.   All the enzymes in the mineral matter found in the more fibrous parts of the grain will speed up the fermentation.   So the final dough will not really be able to cope with very lengthy fermentation.

If you do need to retard it, then planning ahead...just a little would definitely help!   If only to make sure your fridge is running cold and you get the dough into the fridge before the fermentation is really kicking.   Otherwise there will be no stopping the heat generation in the loaf, and the resulting strength of fermenting activity.

What flour are you planning to use?   I made it recently, but used more white flour than the suggested formula.   You can see the post here:

Best wishes