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Sourdough Multigrain Boule

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louie brown

Sourdough Multigrain Boule

This boule of about 2 pounds is adapted from various published formulae that have been reproduced here. I prefer the taste and challenge of pure sourdough.


A loose white starter (Hamelman) of relatively small proportion was built into a white levain that was also relatively loose, about 75%, I'd guess. This was mixed with whole wheat and rye flour, and a soaker composed of about 8 ounces of various seeds, among which the sesame and sunflower were toasted. Bulk fermentation took place at about 80 degrees for nearly two hours, with two folds. The shaped loaf was retarded overnight in the fridge, and given about two hours on the counter before light scoring and loading. It was baked at 500 degrees, under a stainless steel bowl, with an injectioin of steam from a home steam cleaner, for 20 minutes, then turned down to 425 until it was done, about another 20 minutes.


The crust was thick and crackly, while the interior was light, springy and very tasty. There may have been the littlest bit of starchiness at the base. Overall, very pleasing and delicious.





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The crumb looks so delicate and yummy! If this is your own creations more props than ever to you! It is delightful to just look at.

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Really beautiful!



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Wow, this looks fantastic. What a light and open crumb!


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Lovely loaf



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louie brown

So many thanks for the kind comments. Yes, Arlo, it is my own creation, but it is based on the experience, structure and advice given by members of this site, among other things. We are fortunate to have this community as resource, encouragement and inspiration.

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Nice looking loaf and very creative use of flavorings via the toasted seeds!