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new mixer

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new mixer

Just joined the site.  I have recently killed my kitchen aid mixer.  Walked away from it with too much dough in it.  Well when I came back, the kitchen was full of smoke and the mixer was d-e-a-d.  So I have been looking around for new ones.  Almost bought a Bosch after borrowing a friend's then read about the Globe 5qt and thought that sounded good.   So in true American overkill I came across a deal I couldn't pass up.  I happened upon an old Hobart a200t, 20 qt mixer- for FREE.  So I took it. It works.  Have to get a bread hook but figure I will use this space as a diary of sorts and see how it goes.  Really just writing to myself since I came across this space but if anyone has suggestions, I welcome them.  I've been a 5qt baker for a while and have many questions but will dive into this new situation with my usual ignorance.  I seem to like learning the hard way.  


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I once bought a new colored kitchen sink because my wife thought it was beautiful and we ended up remodeling the house around the colors that go with the sink.

If you're not careful you might end up with a pizza shop since you now have the mixer you need. Sounds like fun to me.


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As you saw in my prior post, I have a 20 qt Globe for the 10-11 pounds of dough that I use to make 5 loaves at a time.  And am very happy with the machine. 

When I was researching Globe, the Hobarts - whether used or new were approximately twice the price!!  Such is the brand cashe and quality of Hobart, and for good reason.  You'll get another 50+ years out of your mixer (if used every day, about 100 if used occasionally!).  So quite a find re your Hobart- good luck!!

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Greetings idiotbaker (really, do we call you that?)

After I sold my bakery/cafe (30 qt Hobart included in sale) I moped for a few months. So my husband bought me a 20 qt Hobart with a stainless steel stand. I was in love! It was a great size for the quantity of dough I regularly made. The only problem with its size was not the capacity but that the stand jutted out enough that my husband always stubbed his toe on the stand.

You will definitely be very happy. Keep us posted!


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what fun! the best fun is free. i,too, mixed my kitchen aid into a cloud of smoke and when it cleared there was a 20qt globe in it's place. i'm very happy with it. it mixes whatever i ask without complaint. maybe next year i'll get it another bowl for it's birthday. happy baking.

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mountaineer coo...

I also just got my first 20 qt.  I figured it was worth it since I've also killed 3 six qt. kitchen aids.  It can be quite spectacular when they go!  I got an Omcan, it's great, and doesn't even get warm when I mix up a batch of 16 loaves.  Did 80 loaves last night for the farmers market, and not even a flinch, a bit heavy though (340 pounds)!