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Bratforms / Bannetons

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Pop N Fresh

Bratforms / Bannetons

Hi Folks,


Though all of you might be interested in another great selection of Bannetons (many shapes, sizes & types)



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Thanks for the link. That site has more bannetons (and just about every type of kitchen tool imaginable) than anywhere else I've seen.

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How do you transfer it from the basket to the baking surface without loosing the rise?



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You let the dough complete its first rise normally, then put it in the brotfrom after shping (with the seam facing up). That way what will become the top of the loaf has the markings on it. After proofing you gently turn the broftorm over on top of the baking surface or peel, using your hand to make sure the dough doesn't fall too hard.

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Place a piece of parchment over the brotform (this makes it easier to load the bread into the oven).

Place your peel on top of the (parchment covered) brotform then flip it over.

Presuming you had generously applied a 50-50 mix of rice and AP flour to the brotform, the bread will gently release from the form, ready for scoring and baking.

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I've noticed that if you have properly developed your dough, and not ovrer-proofed it, the dough should not collapse when handled gently.