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let the bubbles begin

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let the bubbles begin

after much research, trial and error I have ventured into "The Fresh Loaf" a question i have long quired has been answered - why throw 1/2 of my starter away? Im sold on this site! let the bubbles begin as I venture through the talent and skill of you all. Thanks!


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Remember, every time you feed your starter, you add to the bulk.  So unless you remove some of the starter before feeding, it'll grow exponentially (I say exponentially because you should always feed in a ratio, and so if your starter volume grows, the feed volume also must grow).

Now, that said, you don't have to *discard* the extra starter.  You could give it away.  Dry it and store it just in case.  Or just cook with it!  There are many great recipes for sourdough waffles, pancakes, muffins, cookies (!), and any number of other things.  So if you feel bad throwing out your starter, well, sounds like you better start cookin'! :)

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I never throw half away when I feed it. What a waste that would be! I just keep feeding it and if it ever gets too big for the tub I put some in a new tub. Usually I run out of starter before that happens though

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I too accidentally found this site when looking for sourdough information, over a year ago.  What a great discovery! I had the same question when I first started but of course the mystery was solved very quickly.  My whole wheat starter has been serving us well.  Many loaves of SD sandwich bread were baked and eaten since my first attempt. 

Now I am starting a second SD starter using unbleaching flour.  I don't throw out the discard.  I use the "extra" from overnight feeding to make an 8" banana walnut pancake (perfect amount) for my son's breakfast.  Then I feed my starter again; by the time my son comes home from school, I have enough discard to make another pancake, this time usually is chocolate chip walnut, for his after school snack.  My little guy loves it! 

I use kefir whey to build this unbleached starter.  The best thing about it is that it already has enough flavor.  I add just a bit of sugar, pinch of salt, and some egg white, and a drop of oil.  I don't even need baking soda for the pancake to rise.  I mash a bit of a ripe banana and stir into the batter.  Cook on medium low heat until bubbles begin to burst.  Sprinkle walnut or chocolate chip on the uncooked side.  Flip it over and cook until brown.  It's a delicious treat!