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Baked arab english muffin like bread

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Baked arab english muffin like bread

I need some help. I've been trying to develop a sandwich bread that looks like an arab english muffin, but it is very light (40grams) and when you finish baking it it should be 1 inch thick and white. It shouldn't brown. I 've tried a million ways and can't get it. Can anyone give me a hint? Thanks.


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What is an arab english muffin?  I know what an english muffin is but what makes it arab?

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Dear Juancho,

I don't know if it would be worth contacting Ottolenghi? Perhaps you have heard of them?

They're bakers from arabic backgrounds with several very successful bakeries in London. They do make muffins but also breads from a range of national traditions.  Their site address follows, with contact details and a blog

Best wishes for your search,  Daisy_A