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Project Peasant Bâtard

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Project Peasant Bâtard

Here is a shot of the fruits of this weekend's first attempt of a new formula with 70% AP flour, 25% whole wheat flour, 5% medium rye flour, and 85% hydration:

Project Peasant Bâtard

This first batch turned out wonderful. Not only did the bread turn out looking good with a neat crumb, but best of all it tasted out of this world. The bread was rich with the fragrance of whole grains while at the same time the flavors and the texture of the bread melted in my mouth. And the crust... This was by far the best crust that I have ever tasted in my whole life!!!

I am looking forward to next weekend...


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Wowee, where can I get a hold of the formula w/ instructions ?

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Hi Cor,

This bread looks yummie.

Greetings from Ireland


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WOW, that is one open crumb!

What oven did you bake this bread in?


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Very nice looking bread. It is so nice when everything comes together as you expect. Congratulations Cor.


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Thank you all very much for the nice comments and feedback!!!

The formula is still a work in progress; this last weekend was the first attempt, and despite the nice results, the formula still needs to be tweaked a bit because the shaped loaves were way too fragile after the final proofing. Next weekend I am planning to use King Arthur Bread Flour instead of their All Purpose Flour in the hopes of strengthening the shaped loaves.

The formula is based on Peter Reinhart's Lean Bread formula from Artisan Breads Every Day. My goal is to make a transitional whole wheat formula that does not require sugar/nectar, oil, or any other enrichments; I would like the formula to only be flour, water, salt and yeast using the same "no-knead" overnight cold fermentation approach from Peter Reinhart's Lean Bread formula.

By the way, my bread was baked at 450F/232C for 25 minutes in my Kenmore gas oven on a FibraMent stone; I created steam with a cup of hot water in a metal pan at the bottom of the oven, and then did some additional misting after about 3:00 minutes.


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That's a beautiful batard you've achieved at that hydration with superb crumb!  We'd love to see the recipe. Congratulations.


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Congrats on your success! That is a lovely batard.  I will be interested to see what the next loaf looks like once you tweak it, considering how nice this loaf turned out. 

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I like the way you lit the shot - nicely dappled.  It makes me want to sit out on my patio under a tree with some crusty bread, a hunk of cheese, a glass of wine, maybe a few strawberries... ahhh, spring!

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85% hydration!  WOW, you are braver than I am by at least 15%    :-)


awesome bread.... not sure why you want to tweak the recipe, but I will be "listening"