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hand grinder to make whole what flour

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prairie girl

hand grinder to make whole what flour

Please need help in knowing what are the best hand grinders for making whole wheat flour.

Thank you.

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an excellent review of practically all manual grain mills can be found at this link

you can also use the search box in TFL - there have been many threads on this topic

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I've been quite happy with my Country Living Grain Mill.  It grinds wheat into flour plenty fine enough for making bread in a single pass, and if you run the flour through it a second time, even the bran comes through powdery-fine:


Country Living Grain Mill


I thought about motorizing it, but it really doesn't need it.  The kids can turn the crank easily too.



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In England I use an attachment for my Kenwood Chef Mixer.  It's a bit slow as you have to let it cool down every five minutes or so.  But it works very well and you can mill coarser or finer.