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Hello from New England

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Hello from New England

Hi all,

I've been a fairly regular lurker here for quite some time. I started baking bread right around the beginning of the year, and haven't bought a loaf (or an English muffin or a bagel or a since.

I got interested in breadmaking because of the BBA challenge, which I heard about on a couple of the food blogs that I follow. I'm a very comfortable cook, and a comfortable baker (I figure, what the heck? If I screw it up, I can always make it again, right?), but I'd avoided bread for, well, forever, because I found yeast intimidating. The blogs convinced me to by the BBA, and after I read all of Reinhart's informational materials, I made his ancienne...and haven't looked back. Since then, I've picked up a couple of other books (The Bread Bible and Hamelman's Bread), got my own sourdough starter going on my second try using the pineapple juice method here, and go back and forth between sourdough and breads made with commercial yeast, with only one or two minor disasters. Making my own bread ties in to my interest in buying local food and cutting out as many preservatives and additives as I can.  

I'm already the person who gets asked to bring the bread to family events, and I attribute a lot of that to the huge amount of information I've found on this site. You people are the best.


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It's so great you've found inspiration here. Me too! Show me some pictures when you have a second. I began seriously baking bread for economic and soul-searching reasons (I used to help my mother and grandmother when I was a little girl). Now I do it because I don't care for store-bought bread anymore. :)



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I'll try to get some pictures up once I've figured out how everything works. I haven't been taking a lot of pictures, but I should get in the habit. The pizza never lasts long enough for a photo.


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I also hail from New England, Eastern Massachusetts. I bake gluten free sourdough bread and teach bread baking classes to other Celiacs. I've learned lots of tips and tricks from this website, most of which translate easily to gluten free baking.


I'm also a recipe developer and today I am working on gluten free sourdough crackers. So far so good. They're rising ever so slightly now in a warm oven and we'll see how they turn out later.




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Hi Ruth,

I'm originally from the Boston area. Now living in Switzerland, but Boston is still my favoirte city in the world.  I am into desserts and biscotti but I have to admit this site is getting me excited about breads.  Good luck, I hope to hear about your aventures into the work of bread baking.





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greetings from southern new hampshire!  sorry that i will be of no use to you and your bread baking.  i am still figuring things out & am having on again/off again weeks with inconsistent results.  lots of great info here, as you have already learned. enjoy!

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Sharon, I'm also in Eastern MA--just north of Providence. Patricia, my husband lived in Boston for 4 years while we were dating, so I spent a LOT of time there. I also worked there for a few years. I love the city, but I don't get a chance to head up there very often these days.

Thanks everyone, for the welcome.