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Newbie: Rise & Fall of Sourdough, LOL

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Newbie: Rise & Fall of Sourdough, LOL

Well...note to self...don't turn the lower oven on to bake somthing while the sourdough in banneton's is in final rise in the upper oven! It apparently was too warm for the yeast and created a dry surface on the top of the dough both of which caused deflation. I figured , what the heck and baked it anyway. It still had enough rising power to push a little oven spring but has a flatbread shape. Haven't figured the picture upload yet but you can take my word for it.

Anyone asks, Yeah, I meant to do that!


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I just left my dough-and-bowl in it's final proof on my kitchen table with my sleeping cat; came in to check TFL news and on return to the kitchen found cat sleeping in a new orientation and a deep "paw punch" into the covering cloth and dough!


Covering cloth took a bit of doing to pull it away from dough! I daresay I will bake it anyway, but even with seam-side-down I will expect an uneven result! I guess it's just one of those days...