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And the winner of Best Baguette in Paris 2010 is:

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And the winner of Best Baguette in Paris 2010 is:

Djibril Bodian of Le Grenier à Pain Abbesses

With thanks to Farine, who is always up on the latest in the world of bread.

Edit:  One of the judges posted a blog on the competition.  Gosselin took fifth.  Here's the link to her comments

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Thanks for that, Lindy!

I just read about this in the Independent as well. I stayed in this neighborhood last time I visited Paris, so I'm wondering if I've tasted Bodian's traditional baguette already... It's all hazy, and there were so many great ones...

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I hadn't seen that interview with Kaplan before...Hilarious! 

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I'll have to check out the video when I get home tonight - but can you imagine tasting 150 baguettes in four hours?  Burp.

I think the judges deserve an award.