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flatbread on indoor charbroiler

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flatbread on indoor charbroiler

i am considering buying a wolf gas range with a charbroiler built in infrared grill on top. it replaces a set of burners.  has anyone used one to bake flatbreads like naan or focaccia?  i love the results of baking flatbread and pizza in a weber kettle grill, but never seem to actually get around to doing it!  when i do use the weber, i use charcoal and smoking chips, and cover it with the lid, so i don't know how much that is responsible for the delicious flavor.  i also wonder if an outdoor gas grill would be so much more convenient that i might use it more than charcoal, and would a gas grill have enough smoke flavor?  i notice the olive oil on top of focaccia is especially good at picking up the smoke flavor. by the way, i just use a peel to put dough directly onto the weber grate, not a baking stone. then bake it covered.  i guess i would have to cover the indoor grill with some sort of oblong baking pan as a lid, or flip the bread to cook both sides.


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Frequent Flyer

And have cooked pizza only a few times, but am planning on doing more.  I made pizza last night, but in the oven.

A gas grill (although I'm not familiar with the infrared) can add flavor using wood chips or pellets and I'm a fan of Heavy Duty aluminum foil pouches with a single small hole.  Yes, they are more convenient than charcoal and folks do tend to use them more often.  But,...I'm a charcoal man myself and use gas grill occassionally. 

The biggest advantage to the gas grill is temperature control.