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Good Bakeries in Kirkland WA Area

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Good Bakeries in Kirkland WA Area



A friend of mine is moving to the Kirkland WA area and was wondering if there are any good Artisan bakeries there.


Can any of you recommend some good places?




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Maybe her best bet.  Of course, there's a lot of very good artisan  breadbakers  in Seattle whose product is found in good grocery stores.  Tall Grass, Macrina, and Essential Bakery for example.  Another good place to find decent bread is in the farmer's markets. I'm sure Kirkland must have one.

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One of the  most interesting is the Black Diamond Bakery in Black Diamond, Wa. Not too far. Never mind the attached cafe and other stuff, this was a run down coal town, tailings heap and all and the bakery has the most fantastic bread, called Cascade. I would buy two loafs, eat one on the way home. It is a wood fired oven, fired with what they call "rounds". What is left over after a eight foot log is turned down for plywood. This place is the real mccoy, been there for a long time.

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I know this isn't in Kirkland but if you ever get to Olympia , my family loved the German bakery called Wagner's. They have wonderful pastries and bread. One of my favorites was the bee sting cakes.

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Before I was into Artisan Bread (and over the hill), I would drive 30 minutes for a Black Diamond Bakery Apple Cinnamon Roll (cream Cheese Frosting on the side, please).  Parking is limited, so mid-morning on a weekday worked well.

 Does anyone know the current status of the Hillcrest Bakery in Bothell, WA or Brousseau's Bakery in Edmonds, WA?


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I don't know about Hillside Bakery but Brusseau's closed years ago.  The owner has been doing recipe the Cinnabon cinnamon roll recipes.