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Cinnamon Rolls

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Cinnamon Rolls

New to blogs--75 years old--forgive blunders, please.  This is the third time I've tried to complete this question!

Want to make cinnamon rolls so the baked product has 'pull' instead of crumb.  Is this a gluten matter, or ??

Thanks for any help.


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I'm not sure what you mean by pull instead of crumb.  A better description would help, also the recipe that you are following.


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Perhaps you are seeking a recipe that has a bit more moisture than the one you're using?  From your description of pull versus crumb, it seems that you might be working with a dough that's a bit too dry.  

That can happen when too much flour is added and in many cases, that's caused by using a recipe that calls for volume (cups) measurements rather than weight.  

If you type "cinnamon rolls" in the little search bar on the top left hand of your screen, lots of different recipes will pop up.  You can look through them and pick what is most appealing.

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Doc Tracy

I made FloydDMs sweet potato rolls into cinnamon rolls. They were moist, chewy and delicious. Maybe that's what you mean? Not flakey/crumbly? The sweet potatoes added lots of moisture to them and a lovely color as well.

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you probably want something with a reasonable amount of shortening. I think you might be looking for an almost pastryish consistency?


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I know just the texture you are describing, but cannot tell you how to obtain it.  If it were me, though, I would try using a plain dough, made with just flour, water, yeast and salt, in other words, with nothing in it to shorten the eggs, fat or milk.    

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Mini Oven

Do you mean the finished baked roll can be eaten, unwinding the roll from the outside and it doesn't break off but stretches slightly and one tears off pieces or bites them off?  Not too compact and a moist fluffy crumb?

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I have to take goodies to bridge group tomorrow night, so will try floyddm's sweet potato dough per one suggestion.  These bridge folks will eat anything, so however they turn out, they will disappear.  I will report back.