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Potter at your disposal

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Potter at your disposal

So, I'm a ceramic student who also loves to bake and for a project I'm making a bread set. If you have any ideas for a great baking dish, utensil, serving piece or anything else, I would love to hear it.

Right now I'm thinking small individual french butter keepers and a platter, but this is still in the planning stages.


Is there anything you would want to customize? Now is your chance.....

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Various shapes and sizes with deep, unglazed lids and shallow glazed bases. Even just "domes" (round or rectangular) to cover dough on a baking stone.

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Clay bakers for sure would be a good idea. For a serving plate, maybe have it slightly bowled so it can keep pieces of crumb in and keeps other pieces from wandering when someone grabs a piece of bread. Or maybe just slightly bowled at one end and more flat/open at the other end.

With handles maybe..


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Forgot to add that the domes/cloches must have handles.  You could make a mint right here on this list if the prices were reasonable ;o)

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Absolutely.  Unglazed domes (with a handle) and cloches are somewhat hard to find and expensive when you find them.  I love mine!

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I would want a large loaf pan (with helper handles) that comes with a tight-fitting domed lid with top knob in which I can bake no-knead bread.

It has to be lead free glaze; and safe for temperatures up to 500 degress fahrenheit,

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deep dish pizzas. 

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Now that is a new idea! Keep the information coming on materials - possible shapes, etc.

If you can satisfy the folks here with a few proven solutions, at the right price point, you may have dealt a real blow to the establishment.

Keep the info flowing this way.


Tim Mandeville

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I like the idea of various cloches. I think I'll try to do at least one of those, if that doesn't work out too well, then an oval serving platter with handles.


Now I just need to figure out how to decorate it....

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belfiore'll have an immediate following!