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First baking day in a long time

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First baking day in a long time

Today was the first time since before the Haiti earthquake that I was able to bake much of anything. 

Today's breads

I baked a three seed sourdough (poppy, sesame, and flax) and an Italian bread (a pinch of yeast, some sourdough starter, and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil).  Both batches turned out very well and my starter proved to be amazingly resilient.

BTW, remember the fundraising tool I was working on for Mercy Corps that community members here helped test back in the fall?  It got written up in the NY Times a couple of months ago.  Thank you again to everyone who helped with it.  It has been a tremendous success and helped fund a lot of excellent projects we are doing in Haiti.   


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Your breads look great, Floyd.  You certainly haven't lost your touch and I'll bet the family was happy to see you back at the oven.

Congratlulations on the results of your good work for Mercy Corps.

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Thank you.

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Debra Wink

...and congratulations on the NYT article. I really liked the fund-raising tool, and thanks again for this great site as well. Hope you will have more time to bake and blog.

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Thank you much, Debra!

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Your loaves are beautiful.

And congratulations on the deserved recognition for your Mercy Corps fund raising tool.


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Thank you, David.  Your loaves looked excellent too!

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Thank you for this wonderful site , Floydm. I learned a lot during only one year.

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The scoring on the top loaf in the picture looks so precise! Great work on both the bread and the NY Times article!

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Hey Floyd, we were missing you! welcome back and by the way...great loaves! Cheers from Quito. Paolo

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Welcome back to the (stretch &) fold.

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You may have been away from baking for awhile Floyd, but pictures don't lie - your loaves and scoring are beautiful!  Congrats and also on the well-deserved media recognition.


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Welcome home! Beautiful loaves! Happy baking!

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Floyd, Beautiful loaves and Congratulations on your well deserved recognition for the fund raising tool. 


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Congrats on both the fund raising and beautiful SD breads.  Those seed sourdough loaves look delicious!  It's great to have you back!