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fermented grapes

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fermented grapes

I was wondering if anyone has a recipe or have made bread with fermented grapes?  I made pizza dough years ago out of fermented grapes I left out for 3-4 days, and remember the crust being very good.  I don't have that recipe anymore and would like to see if anyone has a good recipe for making bread with the fermented grapes?

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How about adding a touch of wine to the liquid in the dough formula? 

I sometimes add a few grapes to my starter, a week or so before using it in a formula, as a part of the feeding cycle.

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Mini Oven

thread is where you wanna be.  Lots of information:

Grapes and vegies too!

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There is a sourdough starter that begins with grapes.  The following is a video of Nancy Silverton making the starter on Julia Child's show.

Hope that helps.